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Rely on Zeiger's Expertise in Thermoset Molding Components

Count on Zeiger Industries’ unparalleled knowledge of thermoset molding components that produce in whatever environment and application you have. You expect the ultimate in quality and efficiency in your operations, and Zeiger thermoset molding components deliver.

Zeiger's industry-leading thermoset molding components lineup includes:

  • Carbide-faced ultra-high-flow Bulk Molding Compound (BMC) check ring valves,
  • Through-hardened zero compression ratio BMC, epoxy and/or phenolic tool steel screws, 
  • Water-cooled BMC extended nozzle bodies with hardened tool steel replaceable tips,
  • Highly polished phenolic tool steel end caps,
  • Water-cooled Wexco 777 BMC and phenolic barrels,
  • Water-cooled end caps,
  • Replaceable water jackets


With second-to-none experience with through-hardened tool steels, we make components that provide excellent wear resistance for BMC and other thermoset resins. We use high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials for our thermoset molding components.

Call Zeiger Industries today at 330-484-4413 to discuss what YOU want out of your thermoset molding components.