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Zeiger Industries Injection Molding Screws Are Made With Top-Of-The-Class Knowledge

Count on Zeiger Industries’ unparalleled knowledge of metals and how they perform to deliver injection molding screws that produce in whatever environment and application you have. You expect the ultimate in quality and efficiency in your operations, and Zeiger injection molding screws deliver.

Zeiger’s technical experts bring decades of real-world, plant-floor experience to task when analyzing your needs and the best materials and products to fulfill them. We ask. We learn. We analyze. We examine all aspects of your application with a thorough analysis of what you are doing and what you must achieve. Then with deep knowledge of metallurgy and injection molding, we develop the perfect injection molding screw for your operations. When we make a recommendation, you can be confident it will be the ultimate injection molding screw, optimized for you and your customers.

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 Also at Zeiger Industries, you can expect:

  • Turnaround faster than anybody in the industry. We typically ship in four to five weeks. 
  • For the vast majority of our orders, the work is done in our house. 
  • We specialize in through-hardened steels. 
  • We lead the industry in applying new metallurgy to injection molding screws.

Great designs. Metallurgical knowledge second to none. Fast delivery. They all add up to success for you in your injection molding screw needs.

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Zeiger High-Performance Screws

Zeiger Performance (ZP) Screws are recommended for extreme processing conditions. They are designed to handle the toughest conditions with ease. ZP screws are highly effective for shear-sensitive applications or where better melt quality and/or color mixing is a concern. ZP design is available for resin-specific, family-specific or multi-material applications.

General Purpose Screws

Zeiger Industries general purpose (GP) tool steel screws can be manufactured to any design and material specification.


Zeiger Industries is your reliable resource for barrels. 

Call Zeiger Industries today at 330-484-4413 to discuss what you want out of your injection molding screws.