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Zeiger Makes End Caps For Every Make And Model Of Machine

Zeiger end caps are designed and manufactured to be the ultimate best value for every make and model of injection molding machine on the market today. Our end caps are made with the same care and expertise that are the hallmarks of our full line of injection molding components.

Zeiger has many OEM design end caps on file, and can customize end caps to fit any individualized needs our customers might have. Whether it’s a replacement end cap or a custom end cap for specialty applications, Zeiger is set up to deliver the product that will perform day in and day out to your satisfaction.

All designs also are available in stainless and specialty steels for corrosive or abrasive applications.

Continuous taper End Cap 

Zeiger Continuous Taper End Caps

Zeiger Industries’ improved design features a constant taper flow path, which eliminates the potential for material stagnation. Our one-piece end cap also eliminates melt leakage into the parting line between the pieces, thus avoiding degradation.

Improper injection screw design can mechanically degrade polycarbonate/RPVC and foam volatiles. The result can be streaks caused by processing improperly dried PC. Older end cap designs often have stagnant flow areas and typically do not seal well against the higher pressures required to mold polycarbonate and some other engineering thermoplastics.

Plastics Technology magazine recently published an article about our cutting-edge, two-piece end cap technology. 

Call Zeiger today at 330-484-4413 to discuss how our end caps deliver the ultimate in design and productivity.