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Mallard® Valves Still The Gold Standard For Injection Molding

It’s pretty simple: Mallard® Z4™ is the most reliable, most trusted valve in the injection molding industry. From the day when Don Zeiger invented and produced his very first Mallard valves to today more than 30 years later, the Mallard Z4 is the standard in engineering, experience and pure physics. All of this means you know your Mallard valves will perform today, tomorrow and for years in the future.

In an industry where repeatability and longevity are critical to performance and profits, Mallard valves are chosen by the world’s top injection molding manufacturers, and medical, custom and high-speed molders. You can be assured your Mallard valves will be built entirely in-house at Zeiger Industries, including heat-treating of all components, from the best quality steel, with each component machined and polished to mirror-like finish.

The Mallard Z4 is the Zeiger brainchild with a legacy of innovation that has inspired additional Zeiger plasticizing technology. Zeiger invented the four-piece valve and the full-flow valve, and brought back the performance inherent with the non-return screw tip. Zeiger patented the Mallard Z4 valve as it represents superior breakthrough technology from the retainer and front seat to the check ring and rear seat.

Mallard valves provide numerous advantages for any processing need:

  • Many design and material options
  • Replaceable wear components
  • Tough, reusable stainless steel retainer
  • Self-cleaning full-flow design
  • Available for all injection molding machine makes and models

To learn more about Mallard valves and how they can optimize your operations, call Zeiger Industries at 330-484-4413.

Standard CPM M4 Valves

The standard Mallard Z4 valve components are made of PM M4 high-speed, abrasion-resistant steel and feature a tough reusable heat-treated stainless steel retainer for maximum toughness and corrosion resistance.

Tungsten Carbide-Faced Valves

For extreme processing conditions, Zeiger Industries offers Mallard Z4 valves that are made from carbide-faced components. These tough Z4 valves carry the industry’s only two-year wear-through guarantee on all carbide-faced surfaces.

Stainless Steel ZHWC 9, ZHCW 20, ZROC Z4 Valves

Mallard Z4 valves can be manufactured from corrosion- and wear-resistant CMP S90V/PM 420 tool steel for extra protection when processing PVC. When injection molding polycarbonate, especially clear material, we recommend and supply Uddeholm’s Elmax PM stainless tool steel.

Zpringlok® Valves

The Mallard Zpringlok® valve combines the benefits of positive check ring shut-off with the quality of the Z4 Spinner interlocking valve. The design features a stainless steel spring located in the check ring and does not require screw movement to close the valve. Recommended for high-speed, non-filled, low-viscosity molding environments where shot consistency with conventional slider or locking ring valves is a concern (such as LCP, LSR and MuCell™ applications). For optimum flexibility, all Zpringlok parts are interchangeable with Mallard Z4 standard and carbide-faced valves.

Fluoropolymer Valves

Used for processing fluoropolymer resins, FP valves are engineered for superior corrosion resistance. When processed, fluoropolymers produce hydrofluoric (HF) acid, which is exceptionally corrosive. Zeiger Industries’ technical experts are highly experienced in working with the nickel-based alloys that are necessary to protect the valves from damage.

Call us today at 330-484-4413 to learn more about how Mallard Valves are manufactured to serve your needs.

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