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Zeiger Injection Molding Nozzles And Tips Made With Mallard® Care And Precision

Zeiger Industries designs and manufactures injection molding nozzles and tips with the same precision and expertise that are the hallmarks of the entire line of Mallard® components.

Our experience serves customers well. We have many designs on file, so standard SPI injection molding nozzles and tips are available on quick turnaround. We also do custom designs, including custom lengths, and can manufacture your nozzles and tips with specialty steels for any non-standard application.

Zeiger Shut Off Nozzle closeup

 Features include:

  • Direct gating into the part
  • Screw rotation with mold open
  • Minimal pressure drop
  • Positive orifice shut-off
  • Guaranteed not to leak
  • Fast-acting, full-flow design

Zeiger specialty injection molding nozzles and tips are available in standard or custom designs for thermoset applications, including water-cooled assemblies. With second-to-none experience with through-hardened tool steels, we make components that provide excellent wear resistance for BMC and other thermoset resins. We use high-quality corrosion-resistant materials for our water-cooled nozzles.

Our Zeiger pin-type air-operated shut-off nozzle is recommended for structural foam and high-pressure molding applications – or where you need increased part production and/or faster cycle times. The shut-off nozzle comes complete with heater bands, solenoid-operated directional valve, compressed air filter, lubricator, thermocouple well and special wrenches. Our shut-off nozzle prevents drooling, and we recommend it for use for horizontal and vertical injection molding applications.

Call Zeiger Industries at 330-484-4413 today to get the injection molding nozzles and tips conversation started.