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Zeiger Industries offers ZEIGER End Caps, designed and manufactured to be the best value on the market today.  We have many OEM design end caps on file, and can customize them to fit any individual need.

Zeiger's brand of End Caps offer:

Replacement end caps for any make and model of injection molding machine
Custom end cap designs for specialty applications
Stainless and specialty steels for corrosive / abrasive applications

ZEIGER End Caps are designed and manufactured with the same care and expertise that you've come to expect from all of Zeiger's products.  Try Zeiger for your everyday, or most demanding process needs.

ZEIGER Continuous Taper End Caps    Improper injection screw design can mechanically degrade polycarbonate / RPVC and foam volatiles.  The result can be the same streaked appearance caused by processing improperly dried PC. Older end cap designs often have stagnant flow areas and typically do not seal well against the higher pressures required to mold polycarbonate and some other engineering thermoplastics.

Over time, material that stagnates in the flow path or leaks at a parting line then shows up as black or brown steaks or specks in the molded part.  Zeiger Industries improved design features a constant taper flow path, which eliminates the potential for material stagnation.  The one-piece end cap also eliminates melt leakage into the parting line between the pieces, thus avoiding degradation.

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