At Zeiger Industries, we only sell the best bimetallic barrels the industry has to offer. No need to go anywhere else, we have the right barrel for you!

Wexco 777™
High tungsten carbide content alloyed with a chromium/nickel matrix makes this the highest wear and corrosion resistant bimetallic barrel available.   Recommended for use where extremely abrasive and moderately corrosive conditions are encountered.  Also recommended for use in custom shops for processing various resins.

Wexco 666™
Nickel/boron/iron base alloy that is perfect for general purpose processing.  Recommended for use with abrasive materials.  Provides a service of at least 4 times that of nitrided barrels.

Wexco 555™
Cobolt-nickel base alloy with high chromium and boron content for excellent corrosion resistance against hydrochloric and other acids.  Recommended for use where severe corrosive conditions are encountered, such as fluoropolymers.

Wexco BO22™
Same alloy as the Z5 except the liner is HIP'd instead of centrifugally cast.  This is to ensure that there is no iron content in the molded part, particularly for the medical industry.

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